Italian singer and songwriter, Francesca Biancoli strives for authenticity in the music she creates.

Life experiences are interwoven in her work and reflect the daring, explorative style Biancoli pursues. Her sound is a contemporary melding of Jazz and Neo-Soul, offering audiences a fun and original sound.

Francesca was born in Bari,South Italy, a multi-cultured seaside town famous for its Greek, Arabic, and Turkish influences. Growing up with access to such rich and varied diversity helped inform her spontaneous and non-conformist musical path. Her musical career took off in 2011 after winning the Orsara International , Nuoro Jazz and Berklee scholarships, which helped refine her skills as a musician.

Francesca Biancoli puts a great deal of thought into the heartfelt music she creates has an exceptional example of an artist that priorities the lessons of self-awareness, the beauty of multiculturalism, life and spirituality in their music.

“She has cemented her presence in the international music arena as a pioneering creative force hellbent on offering new ways of expression; armed with nothing a great voice, incredible guitar skills and an awe-inspiring creative mind, through which she connects with her audience in the flesh, in the spirit and emotionally.”

Honest in her expression, she revels in her truths and by doing so, creates easy pathways for people to relate and connect to her.

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